Instruction Manual


  • Is there a timer? Yes, there is an adjustable opening delay. This can be set from zero delay up to 12 hours after sunrise.
  • My coop is in the shade, will it still work? Yes, the coop secure door opener only requires a small amount of ambient light to work. The light level at which the door closes can be adjusted to suit different amounts of shading.
  • Is it waterproof? Yes, the unit is designed to be installed on the outside of a chicken coop exposed to the elements. 
  • Is the door included? No, to keep costs down we don't sell the doors. Most people make their own doors to suit their coops. There are a few doors available on ebay if you would like to purchase one.
  • What is the size  of the Coop Secure door opener? The unit measures 130mm x 130mm.
  • Can I install Coop Secure inside the coop? Generally no, unless your coop has a lot of natural sunlight inside.
  • Can I add a solar panel and rechargeable batteries? It is technically possible and our fist prototype was solar powered. By using low power components we have extended the battery life to 3 years. We decided against the solar option to keep the price down and simplify the installation.

    Spare parts

    As we manufacture the door openers ourselves we have all spare parts available. If your door opener is out of warranty (24 months) and you require replacement parts please contact us with the form below.

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