Can I install the unit next to my door instead of above it? 

Yes. Some of our customers have done this successfully.

They have used pulleys to redirect the string. This is either by mounting the unit on its side with the string feeding through x1 pulley or by mounting the unit vertically and directing the string through x2-3 pulleys.

Using a pulley system will increase the resistance the unit has to pull against effectively increasing the weight of your door. The normal weight range is 400g - 1.4kg but with the increase in resistance a pulley system would create then the unit could no longer lift a 1.4kg door.





Pictured here Pierre has mounted his unit on it's side. Above his door is a fixed 50mm zinc-plated nylon pulley. His door is made of 0.75mm (30x30cm) galvanised metal sheet which weighed around 700g. For the door rails he has used aluminum sail track. Using this means there are no screws in the way where the door must travel. This setup cost less than $30. 

~ Pierre, Green Point (NSW)


~ Bruce & Darlene, Waurn Ponds (VIC)

 ~ hand-machined brass from a clever customer in New Zealand

Can I install the unit inside my hen house?


Pictured here is a brand new build designed with the unit mounted internally but facing outward. With precision skills this unit, and all its inner workings, are cleverly hidden and protected from the elements. This allows the unit to be triggered by changing light levels but also to create a very sleek overall look to this stunning hen house.

This design is required if no light enters your hen house. This can be a very good thing if you are trying to keep chooks quiet early in the mornings. The unit can be mounted facing internally if enough natural light can enter your setup.

~ Tony, Frankston South (VIC)