with Coop Secure automatic door openers


est. 2017

Our Story

After keeping chooks for many years, we knew the almost life-changing benefits of automatic doors!

Birds roost, sun goes down, door closes. Sun comes up, door opens, hello day! All without you!

When our old, expensive unit broke we looked for something new… and instead built something new! Our Coop Secure unit had been letting our chooks come and go with the sun for over a year and after much tinkering and testing we decided to share it with you all. This little contraption is built right here in Australia. It is simple, easy to use and keeps costs low for our customers. It opens and closes a vertically sliding door and will run for 2+ years with just x4 AA batteries.

... No more jumping out of bed in the night, suddenly realising you didn't lock the birds away!

... No more crack of dawn, gumboot trudge before work to let the girls out!

... Get coop secure with Coop Secure today!

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