The coop secure automatic door opener is intended to keep fowl safe from predators overnight.

It will open and close a vertically sliding door with a weight between 0.4 and 1.4Kg.

When it gets dark the door opener will lower the door by unwinding the string until it is slack. When the sun rises the door opener will be triggered and raise the door by winding up the string until it goes tight.

An adjustment for delaying that morning opening can also be made. This can be helpful to keep noisy birds in their house longer or so eggs can be laid. We set all our units to zero, to open at sunrise. You can then adjust this to open right up until 12 hours after sunrise. This dial is small and will only provide a near mark for your approximate time line post sunrise. 

There is also a fine tuning dial to adjust the light level at which the door closes at night. This can give you the difference between closing at dusk compared to absolute last light. The difference this dial can give is up to around 45 minutes. It is helpful when you have some of your flock who do not go to bed until it is almost completely dark.