Coop Secure installed on a coop

I sustained a back injury in 2000 that has stopped me from doing a lot off the things that I used to do in my everyday life before my accident. Before I had my accident I was very active and used to do a lot of things that involved the kids and one of them was having chickens.

About 12 months ago I decided I wanted chooks again, I had a coop built but found it was difficult opening and closing the coop along with daylight saving every single day with my condition, as I'm on crutches and also in a wheelchair.

I came across Coop secure so I purchased it and have found it to absolutely exactly what I needed, I'm not always up too letting the chooks out or locking them up every day without asking someone & Coop secure absolutely works like a charm.

I like the chooks to free range in the garden as much as possible that's why I want them out of the coop as much as possible.

Overall I am very impressed with the Coop Secure & wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone that has poultry of any kind, great product.

Norman - Victoria

Coop Secure installed on a coop

Thanks for our automatic chicken door, such a good quality Aussie product, easy to fit and so convenient with our busy lives! Love it!

Mel and Ben - Victoria

I am very happy with my automatic chicken coop door. It works exactly as described and closes after the chooks have gone in with no adjustments.

Colin - NSW

Coop Secure installed on a coop

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful product you have made! I’m currently in the late stages of pregnancy. When my husband is away for work, I go to bed early and have to set my alarm to wake me up at 9.30pm to lock our chooks away. So, this has been an amazing little invention for me as I can just forget about it and know they are safe. We found it easy to install and operate. We will be using this for a very long time! Thank you.

Ellie – TAS

Coop Secure installed on a coop

We absolutely LOVE this product, it works like a gem and my husband had no trouble installing it. Now I can sleep in every morning (or at least not wake up with a startle wondering if my chooks are calling me). At night it often rains here with the afternoon storms, so not having to wander down in the rain anymore to close the coop is brilliant. Wonderful product, for a very reasonable price. Thank you for giving us some time back and making our lives (and our chooks lives) better. Very grateful and highly recommend.

I will definitely be recommending your product to anyone who talks chickens with me in the future. Every morning when I wake and realise, I don’t have to get out of bed, just for the chickens, a little bit of happy karma comes floating your way. 😉

Helene – NSW

What a great unit! It has replaced a failed popular one. This one is 10x better! It was very simple to set up. I've had the one that looks like a clock that lasted only a few months, another unit that took many reads of the instructions... yours took just one! .... great job! Congratulations on a very superior product. Thanks again,

Simon - Queensland

Hello, my wife ordered a motor a few weeks ago and since you left a nice message on the box I thought I'd show you how I used it. I managed to get a door 500x600mm door under 1kg (coop Secure limit 1.4kgs) by cutting a few holes… so now even my biggest turkeys can use it. Thought it might be handy for people who want to know how big a door can be!

Matt & Chelsea - South Australia

I just wanted to say how impressed i am with this little unit. Not only is it properly constructed, its also it significantly cheaper than the last piece of garbage i had (one of those round black plastic things with the little plastic bell and chook on top of it). I really like the error code LED on the board and the proper, tough waterproof enclosure is fabulous. The little swivel on the bottom is great too, its so refreshing to find a product that has actually had some practical thought put into it's design.

Once again thank you, this is a fabulous product and exceeded my expectations!

Tim - Western Australia